Lakewood United Methodist Church
Monday, October 16, 2017

Membership at Lakewood

How Do I Join Lakewood United Methodist Church?

Lakewood's mission is:

* To bring others to Christ;
* To equip believers;
* To love and serve the church, community and world

We hold some core beliefs and values dear. These define us. Please read through the section "Our Beliefs & Values." If you believe God is calling you to become a member and are in agreement with our core beliefs & values we look forward to you joining with us! Membership matters! We believe that it costs everything to be a follower of Jesus Christ, and we encourage each other to be active participants, not spectators, in God's work!

Membership at Lakewood is a commitment between God, the church as the Body of Christ, and the individual. This commitment is life-changing and lifelong. 
Interested? Contact the office.

Reception of New Members 
Participants who desire to become members will be received during a Sunday morning worship celebration. This offers new members an opportunity to publicly proclaim their faith and to confirm the vows made at their baptism. If a new member has not been previously baptized, baptism will be required before being received into membership.
Baptism is offered within the context of the congregation to infants, children and adults. One of two sacraments of the church, baptism is an outward sign of an inward grace. Because God is the active agent in the sacrament, it is not repeatable, and we recognize baptisms done in the context of other communities of faith.
In response to God's love and grace, we offer ourselves and all that we are in God's service. The tithe (ten percent of income) is the biblical standard of giving, and church members are expected to grow toward that standard.