Lakewood United Methodist Church
Monday, October 16, 2017

Core Beliefs & Values

Our Core Beliefs include:

God: God is Triune (three in one) Father, Son and Holy Spirit
Jesus: Jesus is the only Savior and Lord of all and that Jesus Christ is the only way to be reconciled to God, the Father
Holy Spirit:  The Holy Spirit is God’s gift to the church and gives power and gifts for the ministry of the Church;
Church: 1) The Church is the hope of the world and is God’s plan for reaching the world with His love seen in Christ Jesus; 2) It is important to become a member of a community of believers; 3) Each Christ follower is wired and called to live a life of eternal positive significance here and now; and, 4) Members of the local church are the ministers of the church.
Bible: The Bible is the Word of God and in it is everything we need for life and faith.
Prayer: Prayer is vital to the Christian life.
Worship: God is pleased when we glorify him in thought, word, and deed.
Discipleship: God has called each person to become a true disciple and wants us to be a model of his character.
Mission: God calls us to go into the entire world as messengers of his love.
Service: Every Christian is gifted for ministry
Christ’s Return: Christ will come again and only those who have accepted Him will be saved to live forever with Him

Our Values:

  • Teaching/preaching is relevant to everyday real life - being authentic with God and one another
  • Worship honors God and engages the heart of the worshipper; excellence honors God and inspires people
  • Loving Relationships are God’s plan for life transformation; such relationships are best formed in small groups or teams
  • The normal Christian life should manifest itself in a passion and pursuit of becoming a fully devoted follower of Christ
  • All people are important to God, as Christ died for all; therefore, Christ’s followers should have God’s heart for all people
  • The church is a living organism, the body of Christ and should be structured as such